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[ANSWER] In cell biology what does the word queue describe

A. The short arm of a chromosome

B. The long arm of a chromosome

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[ANSWER] In cell biology what does the word queue describe
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C. The center of a chromosome

D. The material of a chromosome



The term queue describes the long arm of a chromosome. The chromosomes are an essential portion of genetics. These chromosomes are made of nucleic acid and proteins, making them look like strands in shape. Living cells are covered by chromosomes that are located in the cell nucleus.

“B- The long arm of a chromosome.” When one talks of a queue in biology, they are most commonly referring to the chromosome’s long arm. The definition of the word queue has been attributed to it for a long time. It is a concept that takes chromosomal banding into account. On the other hand, this word has a variety of connotations in domains that are not associated with chromosomes.